Currently AHEAD Foundation offers three ways of becoming a Child Sponsor:

  1. Sponsor Submitted Enrollment, and
  2. Enrollment letting local merchants pick up the cost when you shop.
  3. Enrollment by phone.
Enrole OnLine Now

Enrole OnLine Now

If you would like to become a Child Sponsor please print out and return by fax, scanned e-mail attachment or mail the following Child Sponsor Enrollment.  I, or one of our staff, would also love to hear from you by phone at 770-884-1935 or e-mail at Our Child Sponsors as well as individuals who desire to join our efforts are important partners for us in our investment to make a difference and we are always excited to hear from you.

Donor Form
Click thumbnail or link to download PRINT ready Child Sponsorship & Donor Form PDF.

We also have three ways for you to make your first Child Sponsor Donation.

  1. Your Visa/MasterCard/Discover/AmEx Credit or Debit Card
  2. A personal check
  3. Electronically Generated Check

While you can start with any of these options, whether it be your first or your monthly payments the Electronically Generated Check has the least amount of banking fees expense to our organization, in fact it is free, so it affords us the opportunity to keep overhead down. This can be authorized by phone or through the Electronic Check option enrollment form. All personal checks are processed in subsequent monthly payments by the Electronically Generated Check option on the 5th of the following month the same day the Credit and Debit Card drafts are made.

By calling or choosing to make this enrollment step now you are just moments away from changing two lives. Thanks for choosing to partner with us and we look forward to getting back with you.


AHEAD Foundation

April 30, 2011