About AHEAD Foundation Scholarships

AHEAD Foundation, who’s name is an acronym of Advancing Health, Education and Development, has a history in supporting new frontiers in education that goes back to 1927. The AHEAD scholarship award will fund a series of scholarships to be announced over the year to promote Aurora Day School’s increased ability to serve children with excellence, through merit and need based financial assistance. AHEAD has a particular interest in science based technology enhancements to the education of gifted students, and children who can benefit from accelerated education programs. Aurora Day School has gained national recognition for its uniquely demonstrated ability to deliver measurable results. AHEAD members represent a diverse network of professionals who actively address innovations in health and education development.


Bob Dalton, Head of Global Tax Global Finance for CIBA VISION stated
“As a leader in the global eye care industry, CIBA VISION is committed to helping people worldwide achieve ‘healthy vision for a better life’. CIBA VISION believes that reaching this goal means reaching out to communities in which they live and work, volunteering their time and efforts, and investing in programs that protect, preserve, and enhance eyesight. CIBA VISION is pleased to work with the Aurora Day School, the AHEAD Foundation, and the State of Georgia to help ensure that children with special needs have access to high quality education and a better future.”

About Aurora Day School

Aurora Day School accelerates learning for children with sensory, communications & language, motor, social, and other learning challenges. Aurora offers new hope for families of children, grades K – 12, who have struggled to succeed in other schools. Proven neuroscience-based strategies, shed light on where and why students are struggling. Then, individualized, therapeutic instruction plans are created to strengthen – and often re-map – neural path¬ways; creating a strong foundation for higher education. Two to six years of measurable subject area and skill gains are typical in one year. Equally important, students discover successful paths to lifelong learning. (Fully accredited, Georgia Accrediting Commission).

Students of the Aurora Day School and their parents gathered together this morning at the Georgia State Capitol to thank Georgia lawmakers for their support of the Georgia Scholarship Program, also known as the Georgia Tax Credit For Education Program (HB 1133). State Representative, David Casas, sponsor of the bill, and Georgia Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers were in attendance.

The Tax Credit Scholarship Program allows individuals and corporations to provide deserving and needy children with scholarships, while also receiving a tax credit on their Georgia income tax liability.

In response, the AHEAD Foundation has generously awarded $1,000,000.00 in scholarships to the Aurora Day School, a private school for children with learning challenges.

Kellie Huff has made it the goal of Aurora Strategies and the Aurora Day school that one out of every five students enrolled should be full tuition scholarship students. “Thanks to generous donations from the AHEAD Foundation, CIBA VISION, programs like Georgia Tax Credit Scholarships, and Georgia Special Needs Scholarships (SB10,2007/8); the 1-in-5 program is now a reality.”


AHEAD Foundation

April 30, 2011