Advancing Healthcare:
A founding charter for AHEAD Foundation included taking on the task to coordinate strategic alliances between India and Western partners tasked with capitalizing the development of 11 mission hospitals and 5 new medical educational development sites in India. Why India? Because, what happens in India in the next ten years will profoundly affect the healthcare delivery in the West and globally.
India’s health care system is in a constant state of growth and flux. Their population continues to increase stressing their medical infrastructure and capacity. Indian leaders have identified a need to catch up with other developing countries. They are simultaneously updating existing infrastructure, as well as, responding to their staggering short fall in the number of necessary hospital beds. A gap between the number of beds required for India’s burgeoning population, and its current medical resources is increasing by the day, and yet faces a staggering shortage of two million new hospital beds. Simultaneously, a pervasive argument is growing in the global medical and scientific community: the larger, more technologically advanced, and more complex multi-specialty medical teaching facilities are, the higher the quality of health care offered. With this in mind, major corporate hospital groups in India, and the West are making significant investments in setting up state of the art world class Health Cities in major locations in India called Medi-cities. The AHEAD Foundation is dedicated to strengthening healthcare delivery systems in India and here in the United States with a belief that health care education in India will drive significant global impact. Population demographics assure India’s  abundance of youth is where our next generation of clinical and professional skill will come from. Manny have come to recognize that it is the training ground of the future care providers is the best investment context to bring in the future of what health care will look like.


AHEAD Foundation

April 30, 2011