Both at home and abroad enterprise and development can be a key catalyst for sustainable advancements. In 2008 AHEAD underwrote with its Indian partner Boon Enterprises the construction of over 100 new cell towers in NE India. Cell towers in rural developing areas often with no land line telecommunication systems  bring key access to educational, tele-medicne and commerce resources along with the wide resources and broad impact of world access through the internet. The India Cell Tower partnership, a symbel of development projects that make a difference typifies the third arm of the AHEAD Foundation’s mission is to leverage development of industry and commerce that underwrites advancement, and in humanitarian returns, self-reliance and self-sustaining enterprise. As these businesses are begun and are dedicated to give a helping hand and spark similar new ventures, the result is a reverse domino effect of each entity in turn rising up to stand on it’s own one after another.

Ventures that come under our development agenda comprise part of our Resource Projects growing incubator of projects that offer a double bottom line of both advancement and economic return.



AHEAD Foundation

April 30, 2011