Rooted in a vision to Advance Health, Education and Development spanning four generations, AHEAD Foundation globally invests through initiatives, grants and private equity funding for a strong future.  
When James F. Ashlock and his wife Marcella chose to leave their home in America in 1927 to develop healthcare and education in Southern Asia, seeds were planted that have grown to over 125 primary and secondary schools, 2 graduate universities offering American accreditation, 7 nursing schools and 12 operating hospitals. With these initial investments in Southern Asia – now almost a century ago – the die was cast for our focus on an optimistic and strong future.  
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A Promise of Wellness.
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A founding charter for AHEAD Foundation included taking on the task to coordinate strategic alliances between India and Western partners tasked with capitalizing the development of 11 mission hospitals and 5 new medical educational development sites in India. Why India? Because …
An Investment in Our Future.
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Education is a powerful force for empowerment both at home and abroad. At home we have work to do to shape a strong future. Our initiatives to offer Inquiry Based Education is about our kids preparing well for our future. This goes well beyond solutions for the neurological a-typical but every child that requires and deserves more then may be within reach. Abroad, hope begins with education. Without literacy, there is no way for children to climb out of the poverty they were born into. Ignorance is as sure a killer as the oppressive regimes that have stifled development around the world for generations. Millions of children die each year for lack of access to solutions that are available for less then a dollar a day. When help begins at school where a meal is served, hygiene is taught, vaccinations are made available, and thinking is rewarded a strong investment in self sufficiency, independence and new strong communities transpires. Literacy enables innovation, and innovation can lead to self sustaining solutions and commerce, and commerce to prosperity…
Underwriting Independence.
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In 2008 AHEAD underwrote with its Indian partner Boon Enterprises the construction of over 100 new cell towers in India. Cell towers in rural developing countries bring key access to educational and commerce internet resources often where no previous phone communication existed. From supporting social entrepreneurship to cell phone towers…
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